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Livable Kitchen and Bath

Sample Client Report

Search Engine Optimization & Pay-Per-Click Report

May 6, 2019

prepared by
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Table of Contents

p.3 Introduction and overview of April Ta-Dah’s
p.3 Kudo from Google Analytics — An All-Time High for Monthly Users
p.4 A 5-Star Rating from Google My Business — 4,244 Visitors Found You on Google!
p.5 April SEO page, Countertop Design Steps – Start to Finish
p.5 New April SEO online slideshow for YouTube and Vimeo
p.5 Link building – More than 4K backlinks and domain referrals from other websites
p.6 Top Organic keywords (free!)
p.6 Google Ads — Top Paid Keywords for April
p.7 Google Ads — Top Ad for April
p.7 Google Ads — Ad Groups
p.7 Google Ads — Caller Details
p.7 Google Analytics — How does your business acquire visitors?
p.8 Google Analytics — What are visitors’ top devices?
p.8 Google Analytics — Which devices were used to contact you?
p.9 Summary and follow-up suggestions — A client contact that says it all!


Introduction and Overview of Results

Instead of the usual deserted internet from Spring Break and first outdoor parties around the BBQ in your market, your website had a stellar April!

First, Google Analytics congratulated us on a milestone, “You’ve Reached an All-Time High for Monthly Users”! Then Google My Business reported that you have a 5-Star rating with customers!


Created with GIMP


New April SEO page, Countertop Design Steps – Start to Finish

We came up with this new landing page because we noticed a lot of people are asking the search engines what to expect if they decide to get new countertops for their kitchens.

As you will see, the page includes your most popular keyword phrase – “Keep using your kitchen every day”! We also plan to add this phrase to your Google Ads campaign and design a display ad that sends people to this new page on your website.

The new page also has links to each of your quartz color pages. It invites them to try out the countertop visual designer with their own kitchen photo so they can see how different colors, edges and backsplashes would look in their kitchen.

April SEO online slideshow for YouTube and Vimeo

In April we took those great pictures from your work on the Landis kitchen and made a quick photo slide show for YouTube and Vimeo. The before and after shots of the backsplash are really stunning! Hope you like the music we picked to play in the background. It’s upbeat, a little catchy, and best of all it was free! You already had 50 first-time viewers, so results are promising so far.

Last month’s video slideshow on selecting the perfect wood species, styles and colors for a transitional kitchen look brought more than 90 visitors to your website!


Link building – Backlinks from other websites

The number of Backlinks and Referring Domains to the Livable Kitchen and Bath website continue to grow, even during the typically slower early spring months. 101 new referring domains were added in April, for a total of 4,168 backlinks to date!

Referring Domains and Visitors

All-time progress graph

Referring Domains


Organic (Free) Keywords (shown but not paid for in April)

We will get to your Google Ads campaigns in a moment. Here you can see the top keyword searches that actually brought FREE traffic to your website.

These keywords were found in the top 10 (1st page) results of organic (free) searches for countertops, which is amazing given the millions of search results returned with these searches. They are in order by how many people clicked from them to your countertops pages.

Organic Countertops Keywords


Paid Keywords

  • Below are the top paid keyword phrases from your Google Ads countertops campaign, arranged by the number of visitors who converted into leads by filling out contact forms.
  • As you can see, there is overlap between many of these and the organic (free) placements noted above–such as granite countertops, kitchen countertops, granite countertops

Paid Keywords

Ad Group Results for April 

  • Below are a breakdown of the 88 leads you received from all ad groups in your cabinets campaigns
  • 18 people filled out contact forms on your website requesting a contact from you
  • 70 people called you either by clicking on your phone number in an ad or by dialing you manually


Ad Groups

Top Google Ad for April

  • 14.53 people filled out contact forms after viewing this ad (we can’t tell how many of the 70 phone calls came from this ad)
  • The terms they responded to were replace cabinet doors, reface your kitchen and kitchen cabinet doors.

Most-shown search ads


Call Details

  • Below are stats for 41 of the 70 phone calls Google reported for your cabinet remodeling campaigns
  • All but 7 were made click-to-call from mobile phones. Those 7 were dialed manually
  • 13 callers mentioned the keyword “cupboard” in their searches
  • 11 callers specifically used the term “refacing”
  • 8 mentioned “design” or “ideas” in their searches and
  • 7 mentioned “remodeling” in their searches

Call Details1

Call Details2

Google Analytics

How does Livable Kitchen and Bath acquire visitors?

In August 854 of Livable Kitchen and Bath’s 4,381 visitors found the website during an organic search. 487 came from Google Ads. 540 came directly to the site by typing in a page, 275 came from Referrals, 188 from Emails, and 175 from Social Media.

Top Channels



What are visitors’ top devices?

Desktop continues to be the top device,
though it dropped by 2.7% to 51.4%
in April.

Mobile use went up 2.3% during the
same time period, and tablets rose sllightly
to 13.3%.

Sessions by Device

What are visitors’ top devices?

  • Below is a summary of the devices your leads have used to contact you this year to date
  • Though visitors came to your website using mobile phones, tablets and computers, notice that 100% of the visitors who converted to leads came from mobile phones!
  • Aren’t you glad we put so much emphasis on streamlining your website for a great experience for mobile users? Looks like it has paid off!

Devices This Year

Summary and follow-up suggestions

Despite what are typically spring fever escapes in your market, April was a great month! The highest number of backlinks and visitors ever, kudos from Google Analytics and a 5-Star rating on Google!

Keywords that are important to Livable Quartz’s business goals got high rankings in both organic and paid searches. Important keywords continue to climb steadily up in rank. All is definitely well with SEO!

Remember to check out your newest slide show and page!

And how did you like this stellar customer lead? Doesn’t get much better than that!

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