Sites Rising has a long history of getting people found on the internet with SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (internet marketing)

A US Franchise Business

One of our continuing successes is with a high-end home improvement company in Portland, Oregon. They first hired us in 2005 because their very profitable business had always depended on the Yellow Pages, with dwindling results.

What We Did

We audited their website and presented a plan to optimize it with SEO.

They had also been wasting a lot of money on AdWords with the wrong keywords, so we cleaned up their AdWords account and made it profitable.

What Was the Result?

The owner always tells people that hiring us resulted in an 80% increase in their business. In fact, when he franchised his company one of the requirements for new franchisees was that they also hire us.


An International Business Directory

Another client whose goals we met successfully is an international online directory service.

What We Did

We interviewed their management, sales and marketing teams in Bangalore, India and outlined a plan for helping them with SEO and Google Ads.

We also trained their staff in SEO, link building and basic Google Ads competencies.

What Was the Result?

Following this plan the company reached their goal of 1 million hits to their new local directory within a few months’ time.


Professional and Personal Service Providers

We built websites for small businesses in the early days of SEO, before the advent of internet advertising. The websites of a large number of professional and personal service providers rose to the top of the search engines without a penny spent on advertising.

What Was the Result?

  • One massage therapist commented that she had intended her new website just to be an online “business card” but found that it became a major source of clients for her practice.
  • Similarly, an acupuncturist was ranked 2000+ in the search results when she hired us and we rebuilt her site, reaching the first page in Google’s organic (free) listings in a couple of months.
  • An engineer called us “the best marketing team in the West!” for the web work and SEO we did when he launched a consulting business.

To this day we are happy every month when we review the analytics and write reports to let our clients know how their exposure in the marketplace is growing!

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