We Are Your One-Stop Internet Marketing Shop

  1. We are a versatile team of web UI and UX developers, search engine and search marketing specialists, content writers, and social media experts
  2. As a team (and also with our individual clients) we have optimized websites that sent our clients to the top of the search engines since the late 1990s
  3. Online marketing was added to the mix beginning in 2004, shortly after Google began what is now its Google Ads program
  4. Social media experts joined the team about 5 years ago, and added Instagram to the more “traditional” Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest offerings
  5. A number of us have authored web page, blog and white paper content for companies ranging from the home improvement trades to retail, legal, professional services and educational markets


All-in-One Expert Team

  1. User-friendly websites and positive search engine experiences work hand-in-hand to bring the most qualified prospects to a business
  2. The search engines promote websites that meet customer expectations
  3. Search engines like Google are in business to make money, so they favor websites that spend money on ads that promise and deliver exactly what the searchers are looking for
  4. It’s not cost-effective for most businesses to pay search engines for all their leads
  5. So the best SEO companies use optimized content, blogging, videos, social media, press releases and other techniques to increase the chances of being found through “organic,” unpaid traffic to the website, as we do


We Take the Worry Out of Internet Marketing

  1. Our job is to free you from the worry and hassle of managing your internet marketing campaigns in-house
  2. There’s so much to master and the fields of search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) change constantly.
  3. Besides, your company needs to revolve around on your own unique business proposition, not around keeping up with SEO and PPC
  4. Our project managers stay on top of the scheduling and task management chores, orchestrating the teamwork that smoothly attains your goals
  5. We take the worry out of internet marketing so we can all stay focused on your company’s strategic vision!


Grounded in What’s Real

  1. There are always new bells and whistles to capture the imagination of designers. marketers and techies
  2. Innovation comes with costs. Part of our responsibility is to provide accurate data so management knows which initiatives will add value and which are nothing but a pretty face
  3. We summarize the freshest data we can find from top leaders in the User Interface Design (UI) and User Experience Design (UX) fields to help managers skirt these potential money pits that don’t deliver new customers!


Your Biggest Fan!

  1. All of our team members are the kind of people who are highly motivated by our clients’ successes. We are fortunate to be well paid for quality work that we love to do!
  2. We aren’t goody-two-shoes by nature, but all of us have tactfully declined projects with clients whose products or business ethics we could not fully support
  3. As your internet marketing consultants, you can be sure we will lend our considerable experience and expertise to championing your business as though it were our own!


We Ride the Waves of Change Gracefully

  1. Remaining flexible, creative, and grounded in facts is both a science and an art form!
  2. For the time being at least, Google virtually owns the internet. And as we’ve observed first-hand, they literally adjust their search results every few moments
  3. Fortunately, for the past 5 years Google has assigned dedicated Google account strategists to our client accounts
  4. This means we get the scoop from Google insiders who warn us about upcoming algorithm changes that will impact our clients
  5. They are also in a position to peer “under the hood” to dig out insights and recommendations to increase the number of website visitors who turn into qualified leads
  6. This, along with other proprietary analytics tools we subscribe to, enables Sites Rising to help our clients skim gracefully upon the waves of change

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