Your Goals Will Guide the Cost

  1. At the risk of responding with the proverbial “it depends,” there is truly no one-size-fits-all cost for optimizing a website and marketing a company online
  2. Your business goals for your company and website will be the primary drivers for scoping out the project budget
  3. The services you require from us will also vary depending on how much attention your current web strategies require before they can meet your goals


Your Priorities Are Ours

  1. Integrity is important to us. We don’t make pie-in-the-sky promises or promote services you don’t really need
  2. We will also assess the current state of your website and internet marketing strategies
  3. Once we understand your business goals we will make sure you know the likely impact of your various options
  4. Then we will work to make your priorities for your project our own


What We Say—You Will Get

  1. We hold ourselves accountable for delivering exactly what we have promised
  2. It is very important to us to keep our communications with you clear and open
  3. We won’t clutter your inbox
  4. AND we are happy to clarify anything by phone or email at any time


Options for Now and Later

  1. We specialize in long-term relationships with clients who are entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small to medium-sized businesses
  2. Our goal is to grow with your company, which often means adding (and subtracting) products and services over time rather than implementing everything all at once
  3. In conjunction with your web development and sales teams, we will make sure to build in the capacity for anticipated expansion


Monthly Retainer Fee

  1. Because each client package is unique and flexible, we have opted for a month-to-month retainer structure rather than a set long-term contract
  2. It’s important to note that an SEO and Pay-Per-Click Campaign to bear fruit is up to 6 months, so we encourage clients to budget ahead for at least that minimum period
  3. Our clients who have been paying monthly retainers for 10 years or more would be happy to testify to the value of this arrangement!


Report by Results

  1. Each month we provide you with a written summary of the previous month’s movement toward meeting your goals
  2. The format we typically use includes “screen shot” illustrations and hard data from Google Analytics and various proprietary assessment tools we subscribe to
  3. As we work with you over time we can adapt the report as needed to deliver exactly the information you need to make the best business decisions in the most compact and digestible form for you!

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